Online courses starting in April (advance notice)

Well, we are just wrapping up week 7 of my first round of online small-group courses, and I think it’s gone rather well all things considered. You could ask my students though.

Here’s what I’m looking to offer as “Term 2” this year:

Athenaze A: this will be an ab initio course, the same as I have run this previous term. We’ll aim to cover chapters 1-6 of the Italian Athenaze. You must obtain a copy of this book yourself to participate.

Athenaze B: a follow-on course, starting around chapter around chapter 7 of Italian Athenaze. You don’t need to have done Athenaze A with me, but you should have covered those chapters, and be prepared for the class to be primarily in (simple) Greek.

Conversational Greek A & B: join me for simple stories, activities, and conversation in Koine Greek. Atticists are welcome too. These two courses are non-sequential, but also non-repeatable. That is, if you did A you shouldn’t do A again, because it’s the same basic skeleton of material. Whereas you don’t have to do A in order to do B.

Latin 1: this is a course in Latin starting from scratch. It requires you to have Lingua Latina: Familia Romana.

Latin 2: this is a follow on course in Latin, starting from around chapter 12, maybe 13, of Familia Romana

Lingua Graeca per se Illustrata: This is a beginners course in Koine Greek, utilising my own LGPSI text.

I’m open to running other things, provided I can get a minimum of 2 students to commit. So that’s a pretty low bar, if you have something in mind.

Follow-on courses will basically keep their current timeslots (if you’re one of my current students), other courses I will be timetabling over the course of the next month, looking to start around mid-April.

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