The Steadman Challenge Reading Group

I’m full of initiatives at the moment. The idea for this one came from a friend, to be honest. “What if you read all the Geoffrey Steadman editions of Greek texts??” That’s some solid Greek reading there in a very help format. That was the idea, and now the reality: we started a google group for those interested in working through 18 texts in the Steadman edition (17 volumes, with two texts in one) over 18 months. In December we’re reading Crito, followed by Lysias 1 in January. Then it’s on to a full volume (of various lengths a month) a month.

I realised that I had shared this on twitter, but there are perhaps others who would like to join us. The google group/email list is mostly for support, a little bit for asking questions on difficulties. So it’s more of a loose coalition of reading-together, but it will do your Greek a world of good.