Guide to new and upcoming courses (Spring 2020)

I’ve got a lot on the boil, as usual, and some other new things to share in the upcoming days. In this post I want to talk through briefly, the online video courses I have coming up, just so you don’t necessarily need to wade through the course-shop page:


I’m offering a new-section of Intro Greek 101 – starting from the very start, working with mostly Athenaze, and some of LGPSI.
Mondays, 9pm EDT, starting April 6th.

If you’re a bit further on with Greek, you can join in with Greek 102, picking up around Athenaze chapter 11. Sundays, 7pm EDT, starting April 26th.

Greek Patristics 2 is also in view, where we’ll read and discuss a selection of patristic authors from the 3rd and 4th century. Thursdays, 8pm EDT, starting April 30th.

For Latin, there’s Latin 102, a follow-on beginners’ Latin course, starting at chapter 14 of Familia Romana. Mondays, 8pm EDT, starting April 27th.

Theological Latin through the Ages 2 looks at reading and discussing Christian authors in the period 500-1000 AD. Thursdays, 7pm EDT, starting April 30th.

Latin via RPG is a brand new offering, with only 1 places left at present. We’ll play a medieval-fantasy type game based on the Fate system, all in Latin. Thursdays, 9pm EDT, starting April 23rd

Lastly, Pestilence and Plague in Antiquity is a special reading course, in which we’ll read accounts of plagues in Greek and Latin, and discuss in English. Sundays, 8pm EDT, starting April 19th.

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