Upcoming Term 2 (2021) at SeumasU

My next round of classes here is scheduled to start in a few weeks’ time, and I’d like to highlight a few of the offerings for you:


I’ll be running the usual range of Athenaze-based classes: 103, 105, and 132, which start at chapters 13, 21, and 8 respectively. 132 is offered to suit a European timeslot. I’ll be offering 101 again starting in July.

In addition I have a number of other classes:

Greek 222: Septuaginta Psalms in which we’ll be reading a selection of the Psalms in Greek. This is ideal if you’re background is biblical Greek and you’re interested in getting into some conversational-type work but with a biblical basis.

Greek 232: Readings in Byzantine Prose Literature: We’ll be reading from an anthology of Byzantine Texts. This class doesn’t assume you can converse in Greek, and the Greek/English split in instruction will be shaped by participant proficiency.


There are two ongoing Latin offerings, Latin 103 which is at Familia Romana chapter 22, and Latin 202, which is at Roma Aeterna ch 41. I’m also offering:

Latin 281: Prose Composition, in which we’ll work explicitly on writing in Latin. This is explicitly designed not to just be “here are English sentences, please translate”, but “how do we write better in Latin?”

Latin 263: Vampire RPG in Ancient Carthage. One instance of this is now full, but if you’re interested and I have numbers, I’ll offer a second instance.

Latin 291: Scottish Neo-Latin Poetry. This class is flexible to those who don’t have a background in spoken Latin. We’ll be looking at Latin poems from Scottish authors of the 16th and 17th century. It doesn’t start until late May, and it’s on a European-friendly timeslot.

Latin 332: Join us for selections from the medieval faux-epic Ysengrimus, and the tales of Reynardus the Fox and Ysengrimus the Wolf. Conducted in Latin.

Other options

If you’re unable to attend a class because it’s scheduled in the middle of the night for you, I am open to audit options, where you will receive the video recordings of classes, and interact with me via email. Contact me for details and costs.

This year I’m pleased to be able to offer a limited number of scholarships. If your situation or circumstances would not permit you to fund a course with me, please contact me about a scholarship.

Term 3 (July): I have in mind to run a range of Athenaze and Ørberg-Latin classes, a Koine class on the Book of Common Prayer in Koine Greek, another Greek Composition class, Klim’s Iter Subterraneum, more Vampire, and possibly a Latin Reformation class.


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