July Courses at the Patrologist

We’re about 4 weeks away from the start of a new term here, and I’d like to highlight a few of the offerings I’m running this coming term. You can view all current offerings on the Online Courses page.

Firstly, I am running my usual slate of introductory Greek and Latin courses. In particular, I’m starting a new cohort group of Latin and Greek beginners from 101, so this is a good chance to start one of those language from the very beginning with me. Students are also welcome to jump into the other 4-5 Greek/Latin courses running.

I’m offering a fairly unique course looking at the Book of Common Prayer in Koine Greek this term. This class will be run in a my simple q&a style, and we’ll be spending some time looking at this remarkable document, and seeing how protestant worship was (rarely) and could be done in Koine. Our focus will be the services of Morning Prayer and the Lord’s Supper.

I’ll once again be offering an RPG in Latin, this time Vampire in the court of Justinian. Vampires who survive our Carthage game are welcome to advance their timeline. Others welcome to join space-permitting, or if there’s enough demand I will run a second group.

In advanced Latin, I’ll be running a read and discuss group on Augustine, reading one homily which focuses in on his trinitarian theology.

Lastly I’ll be running an intermediate to advanced class reading some of Lucian’s Dialogues.

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