Upcoming Classes – April 2023

Well, it’s coming up towards the end of our teaching term at #SeumasU, and we’re looking ahead to the next term (starts Apr 23rd). If you haven’t heard about upcoming classes somewhere else yet, here’s what we’re teaching:

Beginner Greek Classes

These all use Athenaze as a teaching text for a conversational style of engagement with the text in spoken A. Greek

Greek 102, 103, 104, 106

Hey, where’s 101? I’ll be offering a 101 class if there’s sufficient interest to put together a cohort, so let me know.

Upper level Greek classes

Fletcher will be teaching a lower-intermediate class with readings from the NT and Septuagint, ideal for people who have completed about the first-book of Athenaze.

Plato reading group continues on its merry way through the Timaeus.

In Greek Patristics (a more ‘traditional’ style read-and-translate in English class), we’ll be tackling Athanasius’ On the Incarnation.

Lastly, if you want to read a lot of Greek and then discuss it during class also in Greek, I’m launching the Extensive Reading Club. This term we’ll be covering 3000 words a week, drawn from New Testament texts.

Latin offerings

I’ve got just three Latin offerings at the moment, but they are all good ones!

Latin 103 is the third in my intro Latin courses, we’re at ch 22 of Familia Romana.

Latin 235 is going to read a selection of Medieval Women’s Letters, and it’s going to be lit.

Lastly, if you want to spend time writing original Latin material, workshopping and discussing the process with others, Latin 283 is for you.

I probably plan to start a new Latin 101 cohort in July.


I’m not likely to add new courses for the coming term, but if there are courses you want to see run, do let me know! I’m very open to course suggestions and to putting something on and seeing who signs up!

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