Audio resources

On this page you will find links to audio resources I have created, including recordings of Greek and Latin texts.

New Testament Koine Recordings

Matthew 4:1-11
Matthew 6:9-13 (The Lord’s Prayer)
John 1:1-18
Galatians 1
2 John
Rev 1:1-6


Vulgate Latin Recordings

Psalm 1
Psalm 2
Psalm 3


Morice’s Stories in Attic Greek

I am reading from an original text, not the lightly edited version by Anne Mahoney. The differences are miniscule. A free version is viewable and available at Internet Archive.

01. Anacharsis vists Solon
02. Solon’s Laws
03. King John and the Rich Man


Greek Natural Method

Chapter 1


A Greek Boy at Home

Chapter II
Chapter IIα
Chapter IIβ
Chapter IIγ



This recordings are by no means perfect, but I do endeavour to get them correct. If you find any particular problems or glaring errors, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know.

7 responses

  1. Question about the Attic Greek selections: Are you using the same Restored Koine pronunciation system (anachronistically I guess)?
    Thank you for these recordings though. I’m in the beginning stages of learning ancient greek and I’ve struggled to find audio selections using the restored scheme.

    • Yes, they are. I had to check. Yes, it’s anachronistic, except if you were a Koine speaker reading Attic texts!

      Most of my work is with 1st cent. and later writers, and I imagine that my beloved 4th century Second Sophistic writers, even when they read Attic literature, did so with Koine accents!

      My broad view is it’s worth learning as your main pronunciation whatever matches your main body of literature. Though it’s good to be exposed to other pronunciations, because at this stage of the game, any time you interact with other people you’re likely to hear them use different pronunciations, almost like different international accents of English…

      • Thanks for the quick response!
        The ‘koine’ Attic is actually really helpful as I’m in a bit of a strange position with my plans for Greek.
        I am studying Greek for the NT and early church fathers (I’d like to go to Moore in a year or two 🙂 but I’ve decided to start with Attic Greek to give me a stronger range; I’d love to be able to read Plato as well as the later atticized authors.
        So I want to use the restored scheme for pronunciation but am starting with attic texts. For my listening and aural translation then I’d love to have attic texts read with the restored scheme but unsurprisingly such a mixed approach is somewhat uncommon.
        So, feel free to record some more attic selections if you’re ever wondering what to do with all your free time :p

        • A good plan. Attic Greek sets one up for Koine Greek incredibly well, and is always my preferred order of learning for students.

          In the magical land of ‘post-thesis’ I hear there is free time for such things. I’d certainly like to record more!