Italian Athenaze Supplement Project

Here you’ll find English language resources designed to complement and support using the Italian (AVN) edition of Athenaze.

These include:

Grammatical explanations written for each chapter. This are keyed to the content of each chapter in the Italian version. They are neither a translation nor derived from the English version. At various points I have used terminology and a presentation of Greek that fits my own view of the language, not that of the original textbook.

Chapter: 1.

Vocabulary lists for each chapter. These include English glosses of all the vocabulary, as well as the running footnotes.

Running Commentary for each chapter. These are notes written to provide some explanations of ‘bumps’ – difficult points in each chapter that may require a little extra help to construe. If you are working with the AVN Athenaze and find points of confusion, I’d love you to let me know, so I can refine and update these.