Online small group classes in Greek (and Latin) for 2019

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be offering small-group classes in Ancient Greek, online, in 2019.

This post is something in the way of ‘advance notice’ and to float some possibilities.


I plan to start with a 10-week term beginning the week of January 21st.


Depending on demand, I will look at a couple of time slots, keyed either to the US evening, or to the Australian evening


I plan to offer at least one class that focuses on Active Greek in tandem with the AVN (Italian) Athenaze. That is a class that will require some homework and additional activity on your behalf. It’s designed to get you going with Athenaze at a solid clip, and will both leverage off the English supplements for Athenaze that we’re working on, as well as individual support from me.

If it seems like there is interest, I will look at also (a) a ‘conversational Greek’ for those who have some Greek but are beginners in conversation, (b) a possible text-focused reading-type group.

If I receive some interest, I’ll offer a similar Active Latin class in tandem with Lingua Latina per se Illustrata. It will be similar to the Athenaze class in terms of intent.


Class sizes will be small, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6. This ensures you are part of a lively, engaged communicative context.


It’s not set in stone, but I’m looking to price these at USD$150 for 10 sessions. The Athenaze class will price marginally higher, because I plan to build it with more support and resources than just the class hour itself (audio recordings, homework, email support).


If you’d like to register some initial interest for these, feel free to send me an email:


If the times/courses don’t work for you, but you can get at least 2 other people together, I’m very open to running some other bespoke course for you.

A chance to read Josephus with me

This July as part of the Macquarie Ancient Languages School (Winter), I’ll again be teaching the Advanced Koine section. We’ll be spending the week reading some key passages relating to Christianity and 1st century Jewish-Roman interactions from Josephus. The course runs in the mornings from July 6th to 10th, and you can sign up via this website here. If you’re in Sydney and want to spend some time reading an important text for NT and related studies, I warmly invite you to come along.

More about courses/tutoring for 2015

I was going to post more video today, but I don’t have the internet access to do so until next week.


It’s December, and I have being thinking about what time-slots and what reading groups I might run in the New Year, nothing is settled yet but here are some of my thoughts.

As for courses/groups, I am considering 5 possibilities that might interest you:


3 reading groups: one looking at Ephesians, one at Gregory of Nyssa’s Ad Ablabium, and one at Hilary’s Book 7 of De Trinitate. The last two are formidable texts, but don’t be put off if you have a real interest in tackling some Patristic Latin or Greek.

2 teaching groups, implementing WAYK and perhaps some TPRS, one being introductory Greek, the other Latin.


As for times, they are likely to end up in one of three slots (I give you first my local time in Sydney, then rough equivalents in the US and UK)

Wednesday evening (early morning US, midday to afternoon UK), Thursday morning (US early evening, UK late evening), and Sat morning (US late afternoon/early evening, UK evening).

If you do have an interest or a time preference I encourage you to get in touch, preferably via the form on the Learn page or a direct email to thepatrologist at


I still have slots for individual students, again just get in touch if this interests you.


I am still working on formulating a more refined curriculum for implementing WAYK in a structured fashion, it’s coming along step by step with the help of a few guinea pig students, and you will see some more videos along the way.