Welcome to The Patrologist.

That’s me, the Patrologist. Otherwise known as Seumas Macdonald.

What’s a Patrologist?

Someone who studies patrology, or patristics, that is the study of early Christian writers and theologians between the 1st and around the 7th century.

About this site

On this site you’ll find a combination of blog posts and permanent resources related to Language acquisition (Greek, Latin, other classical and modern languages), as well as Classics, Patristics, and Theology.

More about me:

Degrees: BA (Philosophy) Wollongong, BCA (Honours, Creative Writing) Wollongong, BD (Hon) Moore, Graduate Diploma of Humanities in Classical Languages UNE, Grad Cert Arts (Ancient World Studies), Sydney, MTh Mooore, PhD (Ancient History) Macquarie.

I served in Anglican churches in Sydney between 2004 and 2012. I taught Greek, Hebrew, New Testament, and Church History in Mongolia in 2013-2015. At present I work as a freelance academic, translator, and language instructor.



One response

  1. Dear Seumas,

    I am so glad I discovered your blog. I will be visiting frequently, for I am studying the reasons for the differences between older, mainly Textus Receptus Versions of the Bible like the KJV and modern Nestle Aland or United Bible Societies based Versions like the NIV. In my studies I concentrate on three criteria. First the external criteria concerned with the manuscripts themselves. Then the internal criteria, trying to discern the cause for the variation, and then the intrinsic criteria, concerned with the context and the effect of the variation. In my studies I have been fascinated by the attributions of the Church Fathers, though info on them are sometimes scarce or not easily found. Thank you for what you are doing.