About The Patrologist

Welcome to The Patrologist.


That’s me, the Patrologist. Otherwise known as Seumas Macdonald.


What’s a Patrologist?

A Patrologist is someone that studies Patrology, also known as Patristics. Patristics is the study of the Church Fathers, early Christian writers (of both genders) writing between the 1st and the 7th or 8th century. I’m a lifelong student, of Early Church History, Theology, Classics, and the Greek and Latin languages. On this site I share resources relating to the areas of Patristics, Classics, Greek and Latin language, and Theology.


About this site

On this site you will find a combination of blogging and permanent resources related to the fields of Ancient and Koine Greek, Latin, Classics in general, Patristic studies, and Theology. The links in the bar above will lead you to some of the permanent content, including exegetical notes on New Testament books, details about learning Greek and Latin with me (in person or on-line), resources for Greek and Latin, and my blog combining all these areas. There is also an off-site link to my Patristic Readers series of books.


What I do with my days


At present my time is split between a number of jobs. I work as an Online Tutor for Ridley College, Melbourne. I teach privately Latin, Greek, and Mongolian. I spend a couple of days a week as a stay-at-home parent. And I try and get genuine research done.

More about my academic background:

I studied initially at the University of Wollongong, received a BA in Philosophy as well as a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours), focused on literary theory; a little later I completed a Bachelor of Divinity (Honours) at Moore College, while simultaneously receiving a Graduate Diploma of Humanities in Classical Languages from the University of New England. I went on to complete a Master of Theology focused in New Testament and Patristics, with a thesis on Pro-Nicene Hermeneutics in Chrysostom’s sermons on John’s Gospel. I have taught Greek and Hebrew exegesis, Church History, and Theology in Mongolia. In 2017 I completed a PhD candidate in Ancient History at Macquarie University, with my thesis “Pro-Nicene Exegesis in Hilary of Poitiers’ De Trinitate and Basil of Caesarea’s Contra Eunomium: a Comparative Study”. I have been involved in the study and teaching of Greek and Latin for over ten years, with experience teaching and tutoring from beginners to graduate level.


I also speak fluent Mongolian, and quite competent Scottish Gaelic.



Contact Me:

I am reachable by email: thepatrologist@gmail.com

One response

  1. Dear Seumas,

    I am so glad I discovered your blog. I will be visiting frequently, for I am studying the reasons for the differences between older, mainly Textus Receptus Versions of the Bible like the KJV and modern Nestle Aland or United Bible Societies based Versions like the NIV. In my studies I concentrate on three criteria. First the external criteria concerned with the manuscripts themselves. Then the internal criteria, trying to discern the cause for the variation, and then the intrinsic criteria, concerned with the context and the effect of the variation. In my studies I have been fascinated by the attributions of the Church Fathers, though info on them are sometimes scarce or not easily found. Thank you for what you are doing.


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