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Here at The Patrologist courses, also affectionately known as #SeumasU, we offer year round classes in Latin and Ancient Greek as spoken languages. We have a full range of classes that offer a complete curriculum to get you started in either language, and progressing through to a confident reading and handling of ancient, and not-so-ancient texts. All our classes, unless specified otherwise, are conducted primarily in the target language. They are online video classes operate on four term of 10-week classes each year, starting roughly January, April, July, October.


Classes will be offered via Zoom. You’ll need decent internet, and preferably a headset or microphone and relatively quiet workspace. Students should also ensure they have acquired a copy of the textbook (if there is one) before the class begins.


Classes are recorded and then made available to students after each session, so that they may review and rewatch at their leisure. They are also supported with access to other supplementary materials through a shared resource folders, and access to myself for questions outside class time, via email and via a private Slack.

Level One

For those starting off in Greek, we have a series of six courses that builds off the Athenaze textbook series, and takes you right through those materials, with accompanying video instructional materials that support and enhance learning alongside the live seminar sessions.

For those starting off in Latin, we have a series of four courses that work with Lingua Latina per se Illustrata (Familia Romana) to build a solid foundation in reading and understanding Latin as Latin, and developing conversational ability too.

In addition to these, we run some ongoing conversation and communication classes, which are untextbooked, focus on oral proficiency, and scale according to participants’ abilities. These classes are generally ‘repeatable’ because the content varies from term to term.

For those after something different, we offer Greek classes keyed to LGPSI, with a stronger focus on communicative activities in the class time.

Level Two and Three

Courses in these levels mostly differ in the perceived difficulty of chosen texts, and participants’ expectations and demands. It is not necessary to meet any prerequisites generally, but the 200 and 300 ratings are designed to give you a bit of a sense of ‘where’ a course sits.

In general, I aim to offer text-based courses that involve reading, and then discussing in the target language, a range of texts especially those beyond the traditional canonical ones. Most terms I offer a mix of specifically christian texts (LXX, New Testament, Patristics, and beyond) and others.

In the past, I have run the following classes:

Aquinas, Augustine, Boethius, Cicero, Dialogues of Lucian, Egeria, Ephesians, Erasmus, Esther, Galatians, Greek Patristics, Gregory of Nazianzus, LXX Psalms, Pausanias, Plato, Plutarch, Selections from Latin theological writings from 0-1650 CE, Selections of Byzantine Prose, William of Rubrick, Ysengrimus.

Specialty courses

We also run two other types of courses, both distinct in their own way.

RPG courses are a table-top role-playing-game, stripped very light on the rules side (if at all), and run entirely in the target language. They are designed to be an immersive language experience. Previously we have run a fantasy style game, Shadowrun, 2 series of Vampire: the Masquerade, pre-Roman Gaul D&D. We’ve also run Cthulhu in Ancient Greek.

On occasion I offer composition classes in Latin or Ancient Greek. These assume some familiarity with the language, and the focus is on writing (not translation from English) with various prompts and challenges, with group feedback led by me, to develop and cultivate a habit and ability to write new materials in Latin/Greek.


I offer a limited number of scholarships for courses. Please contact me if your circumstances preclude the cost of tuition, and we’ll do our best to accommodate where appropriate. These are especially appropriate for those traditionally underserved or underrepresented in classics and/or theological studies.

Other learning options

I am sometimes available for individualised tutoring, depending upon my other commitments, but generally I direct people to courses if at all possible. Alternatively, I am happy to explore running small-group courses for things I’m not currently offering, if you can find at least one other participant to get started with you.

For information about upcoming courses, or to discuss other class or tutoring options, contact me either via email (thepatrologist@gmail.com) or the form below: