Learn Greek and Latin!

I am currently offering in-person and online tutoring in Ancient Greek (Classical, Koine/Hellenistic) and Latin. This may be one-to-one or small-group based (4-10 participants, depending on class type). I am here to help you achieve your language goals, whether you are an absolute beginner, or an advanced student looking to go further. Whatever your goals, we can tailor a program to meet them.


How I teach: My teaching method is based on a combination of elements from Where are Your Keys? as well as TPRS, and other communicative based methods. My primary goal is to help you to function in the language from Day 1. By paying attention to active communication in the target language, we can focus on actually acquiring the language rather than only learning about the language (the result of much traditional language instruction). As we move on we will also learn to discuss and analyse texts still in the target language. This enables us to do lower and higher level critical/literary analysis while still utilising, and thereby acquiring, our target language.

For text based classes, teaching involves reading together selected passages and then discussing the grammar for the purposes of comprehension, and discussing the meaning. These classes will be a mix of English and the target language, so it is not necessary to be ‘fluent’ in Greek or Latin to participate. Rather, even in these courses I will introduce Greek and Latin grammatical terminology during the classes to shift our conversation in that direction. The New Testament reading classes all represent texts I have taught at a post-graduate level.





To contact me directly, about these learning opportunities, use the Contact Form immediately below.

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