Welcome to The Patrologist.

Why a new blog? Why this one? What’s different? Why now?

I have been blogging now for many years, in various places. Lately I have been blogging very consistently and with some modicum of engagement on the interrelated topics of Greek, Latin, Classical language instruction, Biblical Studies, and Patristics. Meanwhile, in my own life, I am about to transition again from a full-time teaching position to full-time studies. Recently I also launched off an enterprise in Patristic Readers. All of which is accumulating and culminating to the launch of this site and this new web presence.

The Patrologist is going to be a new home for my thoughts on this diverse matters, as well as a site that will both host materials related to Latin and Greek studies, provide opportunities for on-line and in-person tutoring, and generally push for excellence in the study of Classics, Biblical studies, and Patristics.

The static pages here provide links and information about a number of these interrelated projects.

The blog will provide regular content on these various themes. It will take over from Subversive Compliance as my main blog for these kinds of matters. I will also be revisiting some of the posts I had previously posted there, hopefully with some fresh attention and thought.

Welcome, enjoy, stay for the ride. The first genuinely new content post will be up tomorrow!

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