State of the Projects, November 2014

This past month has been a little more productive. This current month I am relocating 10,000km so that will be a little disruptive.

Greek Natural Reader

Last month I wrote chapter 3 and recording chapter 1. This month I hope to write chapter 4, and review and record chapter 2. If all goes well, in December I will be able to write a bit more.

Patristic Readers

I successfully completed the first edition of Passio Perpetuae et Felicitatis. Great! At present I am putting the finishing touches together for a combined volume of Polycarp and Perpetua, for a first print edition.

This month I’ve begun work on the next volume.


One teaching class to go, and three exams to administer. Then marking, final grades, and done for this truncated semester.


No progress this past month, as planned. Have timetabled some slots in to begin work again this present month.

Audio recording

As you might see on the Audio page, I’m experimenting again with recording audio of texts. Some I’m doing systematically, others more haphazard (i.e. the NT). I try and do a session or two a week.

Video recording

This month I’m scripting up some WAYK videos for introductory Latin and Greek, to be recorded once I get back to Australia.

2 responses

  1. Hi Seumas! Love your new Greek Natural Reader chapters, reading them now.
    So as I hear from audio for chapter I, it is koine pronunciation, am I right?

    • Yes, I use a Koine pronunciation, primarily because I now work with New Testament and later texts. Even when latter Patristic writers are writing in an Attic style, I imagine they lived and utilised a Koine pronunciation