State of the Projects, December 2014

I have to say, this has probably been the least productive month on record for quite a while here at The Patrologist.

Greek Natural Reader

No progress

Patristic Readers

Still negotiating with a graphic designer to do the cover for the first print edition. Minimal progress on the second text.


I wrapped up teaching and exams, and have completed marking for a single subject, one more to go next week.


Minimal progress.

Audio and Video

I didn’t do a lot of audio recording this month, but I did commence some video work, as you will have seen in the recent WAYK videos.


Reasons (or excuses?)

Nov 19-21 we flew back to Australia and this was very disruptive. On the Mongolian end there was a lot of leave-taking as well as wrapping-things-up to be done. I underestimated how disrupted things would be on the arrival end too. Without a permanent place to reside, it is much harder to settle, especially settle into productive academic routines. Also there have been numerous ‘hellos’ and other errands to deal with.

In good news, I have been successful in a scholarship application, which means I will indeed be able to study full-time on the doctorate next year. Over December I should be able to settle a little more and begin making forward progress with both ‘main’ things and side-projects.

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