2015, State of the Projects

And we’re back…


I thought I better get back into the blogging saddle before too much of this year sailed by. I hope you all had an enjoyable break. Christmas and New Year fall in summer here in the southern hemisphere, so there is a lot of swimming going on.



As of Jan 1st my student status switched from part-time to full-time, so this is where most of my attentions will be from now on. There will no doubt be the war of staying-on-focus vs. beautifully tempting side-projects. I’ve picked up a desk at the uni and will be sitting at it for long stretches of time.


This week and next I’m taking an Advanced Koine group at the Macquarie Ancient Languages School, we’re reading through the Martydom accounts of Polycarp and of Perpetua and Felicity. A great benefit of reading through these texts with others is that they have lots of questions I don’t know the answer to because I didn’t think about it! So I’m making a lot more notes.

Patristic Readers

I’m still making slow progress forward on the 2nd reader; I will also be updating and revising the 1st reader. I am noticing quite a few things that can be improved as my class works through it, and there are some formatting issues with repeated text that are a real shame (that they got through my system, I guess even digital scribes make textual errors).

Audio / Visual

I have some more raw footage to edit and post, but it’s always so time consuming. It’s more WAYK Greek. Then we might see about some Latin too this month.


If you’re one of my students, individual sessions should start again next week. As far as classes go, it looks like online Patristic Greek will go ahead for certain, just a matter of timing, and still exploring other options. If you’re Sydney based and have an afternoon free, I might try and do a small group on campus at Macquarie as well.


It’s going to be an exciting and great year, I can tell you. And this is the place to be for all your Greek, Latin, Patristic related rants and not-quite-rants.