State of the Projects, February 2015

Wow, January flew past! I suppose two weeks of Greek school and one of Latin would do that.


I’ve settled into my desk space at university and begun to find my place in the research again. My desk is covered in books and a couple of computer screens, and I think I’m moving back to the point where I know what I’m talking about, which is great. It looks like I’m going to aim to present two papers this year, so hoping that (a) they get done and (b) they get accepted and (c) I don’t get hammered into oblivion if (a) and (b) occur.


I had hoped to get some online groups off the ground, but I didn’t quite have enough interest, so that is on hold for now. I will be in at Moore college doing some work on tutoring tutors: helping 2nd and 3rd year students mentor 1st year students through Greek. This is exciting apart from the ill-fated persistence of Erasmian pronunciation.

Patristic Readers

I’ve just finished revising Polycarp and will upload a revised version shortly. I have some revisions to make to Perpetua as well. I’ve also completed 1/3 of the work for the 2nd reader, and now that things are more settled I think I’ll make good progress on that.

Not happening

I haven’t had much chance to do any audio or video recording lately, but it’s something I’d like to get back to. I’d also like to get back to the Greek Natural Reader text.


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