State of the Projects, May 2015

I spent a considerable amount of time in April writing up material on Ephesians, and then 2 weeks in Mongolia teaching Ephesians. That was useful, productive, but not very PhD related.

Patristic Readers

As I write this update I am quite seriously about an hour’s worth of work away from launching a second pdf volume. So let me go ahead and tell you that the text is Gregory of Nyssa’s Ad Ablabium. I just need to compile and format the final vocabulary list, and format a few pages into proper shape, and then compile the pdf. So that should be done by early next week.


Has been a bit slow. I have a good 3.5 month run now before any other major obligations, and finishing of the Gregory volume will free me up too. So I am going to be reading and writing a great deal on Basil and Hilary for the next 3 months and should make some substantial progress.


Perhaps one reason for less side-projects is that I have 7-10 hours of tutoring work going on each week, and that is about the right amount for me. It means less of those delightful projects get done, but conversely it means more income, and I do quite enjoy teaching languages and reading texts.


Next on my list is International Patristics at Oxford in August. You can read my paper abstract here.

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