State of the Projects, September 2015

I see that I haven’t written one of these for awhile. Not too much to report just at present.


Is going along well, though it could be going moreso. July was a productive month, and the start of August was not bad either, though things became more focused on writing the paper for Oxford Patristics. That was a helpful experience (writing the paper), as it also crystallised a few things not just about content but about approach and methodology that will be useful going on.

Patristic Readers

Sorry, nothing to report here. My ability to allot time here has been undercut by other concerns. This very day though I will finish up a small piece of administration that hopefully will move the print volume forward in its timeline.

Looking ahead

I’m off to Mongolia for another 2 weeks, which at this stage is quite a chunk of time. I’ve laid out my best plans to resume activities quickly on my return, including a timeline for completing draft chapters, as well as a small amount of dedicated time for Patristic Readers.


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