Things I’m working on, March 2016… (mostly thesis)

Not really a state of the projects, since most of my projects have been sidelined recently…

My wife and I just had a baby girl, Sorcha (here if you want some pronunciation help), who turned up a few weeks early. Wonderful times but it did throw a spanner in my scheduling. So I’ve been off for 2 weeks, and have been investing my time in first-language acquisition by doing my best to talk to her in Gaelic.

Alas, now I am back at the office, and back to work on the thesis. I finished up a draft of chapter 3 a few weeks prior, which focuses on partitive exegesis in Basil and Hilary. Everyone talks about partitive exegesis, but no one actually talks about it, they just mention it in  passing and assume that ‘all the cool (pro-Nicene) kids are doing it these days’. So I’m currently working on a journal article that surveys partitive exegesis across pro-Nicene authors. This is my big plan to change the 0 pertinent journal publications to the magical 1 figure on my underserved resume.

I’ve almost finished drafting chapter 4 as well. Chapter 4 examines the exegesis of the Johannine prologue in Hilary and Basil. I’m hopeful that I can finish a draft of that just after Easter, and that this will put me close to 50% drafted. Given that I still plan to submit in August if humanly possible, it’s a busy time ahead.

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