Thesis: table of contents

I’m trying to wrap up chapter 8 right now. Here’s what’s in my thesis (more or less…)

an overly long and complicated title: “An analysis and comparison of the exegetical practices of Basil of Caesarea in his Contra Eunomium, and Hilary of Poitiers in his De Trinitate, in relation to their doctrine of the Trinity”.

1. Introduction: Pro-Nicenism in the light of recent scholarship

2. Hilary and Basil in their historical context and recent scholarship

3. Economy and Theology: Partitive Exegesis in Practice

4. John 1: A theology of the eternal Son

5. The ‘made’ Son (1): Approaches to Proverbs 8 among fourth century authors

6. The ‘made’ Son (2): Basil and Hilary on Proverbs 8 and Acts 2

7. Names, Nature, Nativitas: John 5 and 10

8. Causality and Economy: John 14

9. Conclusion: Basil, Hilary, something something pro-nicenism something something.