Conference on Chrysostom, and a paper by myself

On the just passed Friday and Saturday I was delighted to attend the Seventh Saint Andrew’s Patristic Symposium at St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College, Sydney. The topic was Chrysostom, and the keynote speakers were Wendy Mayer and Pauline Allen. Top class speakers!


Anyway, I have uploaded a recording of my own presentation, “Chrysostom: Proof Texts and Problem Texts” which you may listen to at your leisure. I think with a bit more work it will turn into a nice article of its own.


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  1. This is gold! Please write this up sooner rather than later. And preferably, submit it to some journals. This would have been a huge benefit in my recent assignment on evaluating Wesley Hills book on Paul and Trinity

    • A journal article is in the works, and I hope to submit it shortly.

      If you’d like a private copy of the paper at present, please feel free to email me.

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