State of the Projects, March 2017

I don’t know if anyone enjoys these or not, but they are helpful for me to write.


Still waiting on examiners’ reports. It will be 3 months on Monday, so I really do expect to hear shortly.


Continues to be unsuccessful. 9 rejections and 1 job cancelled to date. Still have a few ‘out there’. I have picked up an array of casual positions (some adjunct work, some language tutoring, some marking, and some other things), so at least there will be some money coming in.


I sent off one article for a journal about a week ago. I have the core of a second article done but it needs another revision and strengthening. No shortage of other things to write on, but time is very short these days.


I’m almost finished a first pass through Gregory of Nyssa’s De Deitate. It’s not difficult, it’s quite enjoyable, but again time is short. The second pass will be much quicker, and I should be able to get a patristic reader text, a publishable (?) translation, and maybe some thoughts for an article or two.

Blogging plans

We got started on our textbook review series. I missed this week though. Still, good to be blogging a bit more, and hopefully more to come.