A brief report from SBL2017

As you might know, I’m currently in Boston for the AAR/SBL 2017 Annual Meeting. I arrived on Friday evening after a fairly long journey (but reasonably pleasant), and managed to sleep a full night and not suffer any particular jet lag.

This time round I realised there was not real value in trying to fill out my schedule with as many papers and sessions as possible, and instead have been more selective. This has meant (a) that I can’t really think of a paper that I didn’t enjoy (oh, wait, except for one!), (b) that my general energy levels have been better, (c) more time for socialising.

It’s been a good opportunity to catch up with some old friends, connect with some people whom I only know from conferences, and corporealise the friendship I have with others via the internet. A real pleasure in every instance.

Today I gave my paper, “μονογενής in pro-Nicene exegesis”, which I have been endlessly spruiking on twitter, and which was well received and helpfully engaged. Some solid work ahead, but I can see a clear path to producing an article or two on it.

The twin factors of considerable discounts and zero shipping have induced a few book purchases, only one of which was not pre-planned, so I consider that a fairly restrained and respectable book-buying-endeavour.

Tomorrow I have a bit of time in the morning, and then I’ll begin the long trip home, in which I also lose a day, the price to be paid for having gained a day the other way.

Overall, an enjoyable and successful conference.

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