Two great audio resources for using Athenaze and LGPSI

I try to, in general, avoid just plugging things for the sake of plugging them, but I want to take the chance to promote the works of two acquaintances of mine who are doing some great audio-recording work, and really encourage you to consider supporting them if it would help you in your own Greek studies.

Firstly is David Ring, aka Magister Circulus

He has been doing some great video work on his youtube channel, including some excellent videos of my own LGPSI (I made a short playlist of the first four that he has done so far). Over on his patreon account, he has posted a lot of great audio CI material, including starting work on Athenaze material – read-throughs of each chapter, including with circling, paraphrasing, vocabulary pre-teaching, question and answer exercises. There’s only a couple of chapters up so far (2, 3, 17), but no doubt there will be more.

Secondly, the ἄοκνος Luke Ranieri

Apart from recording lots of Latin material, has also been doing some Greek. This includes some Koine pronounciation recordings of LGPSI, as well as Koine recordings of Athenaze, as well as Attic videos of Athenaze on his youtube channel.


As someone who has done some Greek recording, and is also trying to produce various materials, I know that it’s hard work, the feedback and reward is low, and time required is considerable. But these are two great sources of audio materials, to which I’d both direct you, and suggest considering supporting them if you can.

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