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Hi all! I know we have been for the most part quiet on this blog. Various projects continue to tick away. But this post is to let you know about the upcoming classes I’ll be teaching, including new beginner cohorts for Greek and Latin. These start the week of July 16th.

If you want to hear about the experiences of various students, I have a range of interviews on my youtube channel.

I don’t very often commence Latin classes, but here’s a couple of testimonies from my current cohort:

“Latin 101 gave me confidence in navigating the first bit of Familia Romana, which can be overwhelming. Seumas has interactive presentations and questions for students that tell you what to focus on. It really helped me with focusing on what I needed to learn in my first stages of tackling Latin.” – Elizabeth H.

“In his Latin classes, magister Macdonald creates a lively, interactive, collaborative atmosphere among his students that encourages participation. You are not afraid to try or to make a mistake (or more!). Prepare to have fun and laughs while learning Latin. He is also very knowledgeable about additional resources available for learning Latin.” – Stephanie Y.


Latin 101: A new beginners’ Latin class starting at Familia Romana chapter 1

Latin 104: This class will be finishing off Familia Romana‘s last 5 chapters, and then dipping into some of Ørberg’s Sermones Romani by way of a transitional text.

Latin 236: Augustine, Confessions Book IV. This intermediate class will be reading and discussing Augustine’s famous text in Latin.


Greek 101: A new beginners’ Greek class starting with Athenaze chapter 1.

Greek 103: A continuing Athenaze class, commencing at chapter 12.

Greek 105: A continuing Athenaze class, commencing at chapter 22.

Greek 142: A continuing reading class using the JACT Reading Greek book.

Greek 228: A mixed English/Greek class reading Acts of the Apostles

Greek 275: Plato’s Lysis: An intermediate class in which we’ll read and discuss this Platonic dialogue on Friendship, in Greek.

Greek 299: Greek Patristics. A non-immersive ‘read and translate’ class in which we are reading Athanasius.

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  1. I work about 10 hrs daily and thinking about enrolling in one intermediare class. Do you think I have enough time of the day to enroll in two intermediate courses?

    • People generally tell me that they spend anywhere between 1-4hrs a week outside class prepping, so it depends a little on your own experience and ability in the language, because honestly it sounds like you are pretty busy! two courses is probably too much for your situation but you need to be the judge of that

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