On a kind of return to classics…

Most of my classics background involved a 4 year stint as an external student working almost entirely on Latin. I took intro Latin as an adult, and then 3 years of text-based classes. I wish I had kept better notes! It was still being done with postal services when I did it. But I did cover the gamut – Vergil, Cicero, Ovid, Horace, Lucretius, Tacitus, Lucan, Seneca, Livy, Pliny.

Since then, I haven’t had occasion to read extended selections of Latin, or even classical Greek, texts. But starting in a couple of weeks I have two high school students headed into their 12th year (I guess, Senior Year for you Americans), one in 2019, one in 2020. That means, as their tutor, I’m gearing up to cover:

  • Livy, Book V
  • Tacitus, Agricola
  • Vergil, Aeneid 1
  • Horace, selected Odes
  • Catullus, selected poems
  • Cicero, Pro Archia
  • Homer, Iliad 3
  • Euripides, Electra
  • Thucydides, Book IV.

(I should mention, almost all of these are ‘selected portions’, but they are substantial portions in most cases).

That’s a fairly solid list! I’m looking forward to it, as it will force me to read some genuine literary Latin and Greek; I’ve never read extensive portions of Homer or of Greek drama really. Also, I really do enjoy reading texts. Who knows, maybe I’ll acquire some more private students along the way! Or maybe I’ll do some recordings or videos. Or blog post. Or… we’ll see.

More about courses/tutoring for 2015

I was going to post more video today, but I don’t have the internet access to do so until next week.


It’s December, and I have being thinking about what time-slots and what reading groups I might run in the New Year, nothing is settled yet but here are some of my thoughts.

As for courses/groups, I am considering 5 possibilities that might interest you:


3 reading groups: one looking at Ephesians, one at Gregory of Nyssa’s Ad Ablabium, and one at Hilary’s Book 7 of De Trinitate. The last two are formidable texts, but don’t be put off if you have a real interest in tackling some Patristic Latin or Greek.

2 teaching groups, implementing WAYK and perhaps some TPRS, one being introductory Greek, the other Latin.


As for times, they are likely to end up in one of three slots (I give you first my local time in Sydney, then rough equivalents in the US and UK)

Wednesday evening (early morning US, midday to afternoon UK), Thursday morning (US early evening, UK late evening), and Sat morning (US late afternoon/early evening, UK evening).

If you do have an interest or a time preference I encourage you to get in touch, preferably via the form on the Learn page or a direct email to thepatrologist at gmail.com.


I still have slots for individual students, again just get in touch if this interests you.


I am still working on formulating a more refined curriculum for implementing WAYK in a structured fashion, it’s coming along step by step with the help of a few guinea pig students, and you will see some more videos along the way.