State of the Projects, December 2015

Patristic Readers

At the start of November I published the first volume, the Martyrdoms of Polycarp and Perpetua (Available now at createspace, and Amazon). This month I’ve been doing three things: I’ve just finished proofing the third Gregory text, and started compiling the vocabulary. I also finished up the vocabulary file on the first Latin project. Thirdly, I’ve had some chats about going to a more digital format, and been doing some experimenting in the last few days at with morphology tagging a digital text and then doing syntactic tree-banking. The first part is okay but I’m still figuring out the second part.


Doing the church retreat and the trip to Atlanta made a bit of a dent in dedicated thesis time. Nonetheless I am still making forward progress. At present I’m doing some revision work on chapters one and two and trying to bring them into a decent shape. I’m also working through my footnotes and conforming them all to a single style. I hope to turn back to some more substantive work in the next few weeks.


Well, I don’t have anything to say about SBL that I didn’t say in my previous post.


All in all, going well, not too many projects on the boil now and really going to be trying to bring my dissertation to fruition with the majority of my efforts now.

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