Courses for 2020: Now available

After some consultation, I’ve finalised a list of courses for 2020. They are now available on the Online Courses page. Each of these courses will have carry on courses across 2020, for four terms of 10 weeks each. (e.g. Greek 101, 102, 103, 104 carry you through an entire introductory Greek sequence)

In short, I am offering introductory and intermediate classes in Latin and Greek, conducted almost entirely in the target language, and covering a broad range of texts. If you have any questions about the suitability of a course, or details about enrolment or course delivery, please get in touch with me about it and I’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns. All my courses run off US Eastern time, so you will need to adjust as appropriate for your own time zones. Courses start the first week of February and will run in 10 week blocks, 4 times across the year.


(all times US eastern, starting Feb 2nd)


7pm   Greek 101: Introductory Greek 1
8pm   Latin 201 Readings in Classical Latin: Caesar, De Bello Gallico
9pm   Greek 201 Readings in Classical Greek: Lysias 1


6pm   Latin 251 Latin Composition and Translation studies
7pm   Latin 101 Introductory Latin 1
8pm   Greek 221 Biblical Greek 1: Esther
9pm   Greek 251 Greek Composition and Translation studies 1


7pm   Latin 211 Theological Latin through the Ages 1 (0-500)
8pm   Greek 212 Greek Patristics 1

Audit Options

Interested in a particular class but not able to make the scheduled live interactions? This year I’ll be introducing an audit-option. You will gain all access to class materials and extra-class support, as well as video recordings of the class sessions. However, if I don’t have enough interest in an actual class, I cannot provide an audit option. Moreover, I strongly advise class participation if possible.

Individual Tutoring

I’ll be continuing to offer individualised tutoring in Greek and Latin. This is ideal if (a) you want personalised instruction, (b) you want to work on something not offered in a class. We can tailor our work together to meet your needs. It can range the spectrum from fully communicative to traditional grammar/translation. I’m happy to work on any text in Ancient Greek (up to the Byzantine period) or Latin.

Custom Pair or small group Tutoring

Individual tutoring isn’t for everyone, I know. But perhaps the classes I’m running aren’t your thing. If you’ve got a friend or two, and want to do some customised tutoring but in a small group or pair, I’m very open to this format. Tutoring work in a pair can work exceptionally well by introducing a third person to interact with, as well as cutting the price significantly on your end.

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