New Course: RPGing in Latin

Salvete amici!

Recently I floated the idea on twitter of offering a Latin course that was entirely composed of playing an RPG in Latin. There seemed good interest, so let’s make this happen!

Here’s the pitch: We will run a game based on the Fate Accelerated rules. I’ll be at work pre-game to render important game concepts and jargon into Latin. Our game is also a ‘class’ – our aim is to use play to immerse ourselves in a communicative Latin language context that is not ‘the classroom’. It’s ‘the gamespace’. So it’s both a class and not a class. And our meta-purpose is acquisition, but our immediate purpose is the collaborative storytelling that is roleplaying.

We’ll meet for 10 weeks, for an hour each, just like my other regular classes. If it goes well, and if there’s interest, I’ll look at future versions of this class, possibly with an extended time-frame. And I’m willing to explore Ancient Greek.

Me: I’ve spent over two decades playing tabletop RPGs of various genres, and game-mastering them. I’ve also spent the last few years honing my latin speaking skills, including participating in D&D latine at the last two Rusticationes Australianae. I’m well placed to lead a group in the twin-challenges of RPGing, and Latin.

If you’re interested in signing up, it’ll be $200 USD for the course/game. I’ll take names, and then do a survey to arrange the best time (a US evening timeslot), and I’m currently looking to start sometime in April.

This is a unique learning + play opportunity, I hope you’ll join us.

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