2021 Courses, Term 1 and beyond

I try not to make this entire blog just information about courses I teach, and I hope to get some more blog content flowing this year, but at the same time this is a very useful venue for me to share about what I’m teaching.

In terms of courses for 2021, there’s a year-long overview of my plans that you can download here.

Term 1 for 2021 begins on January 28th, in the US, and runs for 9 weeks. I will be running a wide variety of classes, and you can read descriptions and sign-up for them here. Let me talk about them here though:

Greek for beginners:

Greek 102, 104, 106, 131 – these are all Athenaze-based courses that use a textbook, primarily for reading content, and then work on communicative Greek built of questions-and-answer around the text.

Greek 121 – this is the second in a series of courses based on LGPSI, my own in-development Greek reading text

Greek for non-beginners:

Greek 221: Ephesians and Galatians: we’ll read the text of St. Paul’s letters and discuss them at various levels (word, sentence, syntax, meaning, discourse) in Greek.

Greek 231: Plato’s Crito: We’ll be reading Plato’s dialogue and discussing it in Greek. Some class prep is expected. This will be one of a series of classes on Platonic dialogues this year.

Greek 281: Greek Composition: This course is not designed as a communicative experience, but rather a workshop format, where we will use exercises of various kinds to develop a writing ability in Greek, as well as work on longer written pieces for your own purposes.


Latin 102: This is the second in my intro series working with Lingua Latina per se Illustrata

Latin 201: This is a post-beginner course for those who have finished Familia Romana and want to read, and talk in Latin. We’ll be working with Ørberg’s Roma Aeterna as well as his edition of the Aeneid.

Latin 331: Boethius: This is a more advanced course in reading and discussing a late antique philosophical text. More outside prep will be expected, and participants will be reading, discussing, and writing about the text all in Latin.

Other options

If you’re unable to attend a class because it’s scheduled in the middle of the night for you, I am open to audit options, where you will receive the video recordings of classes, and interact with me via email. Contact me for details and costs.

I’m always open to offering some different classes, in different timeslots for people, especially if you can find a friend to start with. My classes are small by design, but I do need a minimum to get them started.

Lastly, this year I’m pleased to be able to offer a limited number of scholarships. If your situation or circumstances would not permit you to fund a course with me, please contact me about a scholarship.


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