New Courses, October Term

Well, we are back with a new set of classes beginning on October 8th. I have a relatively limited range of classes for the upcoming term, but I hope there’s something you will like and enjoy. New 101 cohorts in Latin and Greek will start in the new year, and I am already planning courses for 2024 (but also open to suggestions – including the return of popular things like composition classes, conversation classes, and RPGs)



Latin 102: A continuing LGPSI class, commencing at chapter 12.

Latin 205: Cicero’s De Amicitia. We’ll be reading the whole thing.



Greek 102: A continuing Athenaze class, commencing at chapter 7.

Greek 104: A continuing Athenaze class, commencing at chapter 17.

Greek 106: A continuing Athenaze class, commencing at chapter 27.

Greek 141: A class using my Galilaiathen reader, suitable for those with at least a little Greek. This class also runs at a considerable discount!

Greek 229: A mixed English/Greek class reading Acts of the Apostles

Greek 276: Aristotle, Nic Eth 8: An int-adv class in which we’ll read and discuss Aristotle on friendship.

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